Wisconsin Hemp Processor for CBD Rosin Products

We Partner with Small to Mid-Sized Businesses & Growers to Create Solventless CBD Rosin Products

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Solventless Wisconsin Hemp Processor

We are the first Wisconsin hemp processors using a hemp processing method called rosin pressing, a true solventless and organic hemp processing method. We simply use heat and pressure to extract the natural CBD concentrate from hemp. Rosin pressing is the most natural hemp processing method as we don't use any solvents to extract the hemp like the majority of other hemp processor in Wisconsin... actually in the United States. Better yet, we have hemp processing service programs, wholesale, and dropship options.

Flower to Product™ Program

Partner with us in our Flower to Product™ program for hemp processing with no cash payment required and highest profit potential.

Wholesale Program

For brick & mortar or online companies without hemp looking for solventless CBD oils to sell, our wholesale program offers the best profit margins.

Dropship Program

Retailers of any kind can sell WisRosin CBD oil products at competitive profit margins, with no minimums and without holding inventory.

Featured Opportunity

Flower to Product™ Program

The No Cost, Wisconsin Hemp Processing Program.

We developed the Flower to Product™ Program to partner with small growers who want CBD oil made from their own hemp, without the high costs… actually no cost!

We make our profit to support this program from the byproducts created during the process of making the CBD oil from your hemp. Essentially, this program is trading in your hemp to receive CBD oil made using your hemp.

Below is an example about how it works.

Flower to Product™ Program by the Numbers

High CBD Hemp


As an example, this is the amount of hemp you have. Due to lab testing and batch requirements, 10 lbs is the minimum amount for the Flower to Product™ program. If you have less that 10 lbs, please see our other services.

Credit @ $650 per lb1


We strive to provide you retail prices for your hemp as if it were sold pound by pound directly to consumers. Your account will be credited, at which point you can place your order for finished CBD products.

Wholesale Discount


Once your credit is issued to your account, it can be used to purchase finished product at wholesale prices. Wholesale is 50% discount off of retail prices. You have the choice to either be white labeled products with your own branding, or one of our company’s brands.

Finished Product Revenue2


You receive the white label products with your branding or our branded products, which you can turn around and sell at retail prices. With your hemp turned into CBD products, you can earn over double the amount of revenue compared to selling the flower outright.2

1$650 per pound is an example to express the potential of revenue growth through this program. Price per pound of hemp you are quoted will be subject to cannabinoid profile of your hemp strain(s), validation of these cannabinoid profiles, current market conditions, and other factors. This is not your quote, nor is it to be assumed the price per pound of hemp you will receive is $650 per pound. You will need to apply for the program to receive your official custom quote from WisRosin.

2These statements are based on selling products at our suggested retail prices. Profit will depend on your hemp yields, the retail prices you set, or if you decide to do something different with your finished products.

A Little of Our Story

Create the Purest CBD Products on the Market

WisRosin started from a few questions we had as CBD product consumers...

  • Where are the CBD cosmetic products like lotions we used daily coming from?
  • What about the oils we are ingesting?!
  • Is the extraction process used in these products leaving any residual chemicals in the product, like butane or ethanol, that we unknowingly rubbing or digesting into our bodies?

What we found after some digging was alarming! This lead us to create WisRosin, becoming the first commercial solventless hemp processor in Wisconsin making CBD products with solventless CBD rosin.

To learn more about our alarming findings, read our Educated CBD Consumer Bulletin.
Our Company Values

Clean. Fresh. Natural.

We pride ourselves on having a closed-loop, raw hemp extraction-to-rosin product process.

This means the hemp you give us will be extracted into the only hemp rosin used in the finished products you receive.

The hemp you give us goes through our solventless process using only heat and pressure. This preserves more of the natural properties of the hemp as we process it into the hemp rosin concentrate. This process also keeps it clean, introducing ZERO chemicals into our extraction process.

The hemp concentrate is then infused into finished CBD rosin oil with your selected carrier oils for you to sell or consume.

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