Our Story

Bring Solventless Hemp

Processing to Wisconsin

"Where is our CBD oil coming from and what's in it?"

How We Are Different

We brought together our passion for hemp with our expertise in global manufacturing operations and supply chain management to become the first solventless Wisconsin hemp processor.

Solventless Processing

We only use solventless hemp extraction methods to turn hemp into clean hemp oil health and beauty products for consumers. Solventless hemp processing leaves no residual solvents that can occur in CO2, ethanol, butane or other methods of extraction. This results in our full spectrum hemp oil products being cleaner and healthier, without the risk of having trace amounts of these chemicals being passed on in products sold to consumers.

Responsible Manufacturing

From purchasing hemp, down to process control and strict testing throughout the production process - our expertise is manufacturing and quality control. Our rich background, education, and certifications of our staff in several disciplines of manufacturing allow us to ensure products meet specifications and orders are complete on time. These are the two most important aspects of being a responsible hemp processor - aside from our kickass products.

Quality Partnerships

When it comes to business relationships - we like to keep it a little more old-school, building more-like partnerships with other businesses looking for their hemp to be processed or products to sell in your stores. We pride ourselves on working to build mutually beneficial relationships, which is why we developed our Flower to Product™ program, our most beneficial program for those who are looking for hemp to be processed and finished products to sell.

Ready to Partner With Us?

We have five different ways to partner with us, ordered from largest to smallest opportunity.

Flower to Product™
We take your flower and process it into products for you to sell at retail prices with either our branding, or your own white label branding. Our most profitable partnership opportunity.
Hemp Supplier
Supply us your hemp in return for cash.
Wholesale Buyer
Buy our finished products at competitive wholesale prices and sell them in your storefront.
Dropship Program
Sell our products on your website, in-person, or any other retail channel and make 25% commission - without holding inventory.
Affiliate Program
Drive traffic from your website, blog, vlog, or social media and make 15% commission on purchases made by your visitors on our website.

Career Opportunities

Our company is growing and so is our team!

Outside Sales Representative
Remote - Wisconsin
Freelance Writer