Flower to Product™

Build a Brand. Multiply Revenue.

We partner with hemp growers in the Flower to Product™ as a solventless, full spectrum hemp oil product manufacturer to process raw hemp flower into finished retail products that will increase revenue by 200%*.

*Actual revenue increase depends on current hemp and finished product retail prices.

Flower to Product™ Program Benefits

Maximize Revenue

As more farmers turn to growing hemp, the largest opportunity will be in taking your hemp further - all the way to consumers.

Solventless Processing

We process hemp using a solventless hemp extraction process, eliminating the risk of having trace amounts of residual solvents in products sold to consumers from the extraction process.

Build Your Brand

Turn your hemp into full spectrum hemp oil products specifically manufactured for you, in partnership with you, with your own brand's labels on the packaging.

70+ Product Options

We can infuse the hemp oil into over 70 different products, creating full spectrum hemp oil lotions, body butters, soaps, oil tinctures, and lip balms in various flavors and scents - with more products to come.

Flower to Product™ by the Numbers

High CBD Hemp


As an example, this is the amount of hemp you have. Due to lab testing and batch requirements, 10 lbs is the minimum amount for the Flower to Product™ program. If you have less that 10 lbs, please see our other services.

Credit @ $650 per lb*


We strive to provide you retail prices for your hemp as if it were sold pound by pound directly to consumers. Your account will be credited, at which point you can place your order for finished CBD products.

Wholesale Discount


Once your credit is issued to your account, it can be used to purchase finished product at wholesale prices. Wholesale is 50% discount off of retail prices. You have the choice to either be white labeled products with your own branding, or receive products with branding from our sister company, Craft Hempery.

Finished Product Revenue


You receive the white label products with your branding or Craft Hempery branded products, which you can turn around and sell at retail prices. With your hemp turned into CBD products, you can earn over double the amount of revenue compared to selling the flower outright.

*$650 per pound is an example to express the potential of revenue growth through this program. Price per pound of hemp you are quoted will be subject to cannabinoid profile of your hemp strain(s), validation of these cannabinoid profiles, current market conditions, and other factors. This is not your quote, nor is it to be assumed the price per pound of hemp you will receive is $650 per pound. You will need to apply for the program to receive your official custom quote from WisRosin.

How the Flower to Product™ Program Works

New Partner Form

The process to get started is easy! Submit the Flower to Product™ New Partner Form below with the information of one of your strains grown, a.k.a. your first batch.

Quote Review

We will review your submission and get back to you with a quote for the first batch. We will also send you a link with your quote, so you can set up your user account in our system.

Sample Review

We will then need a small sample of this flower to review. We will process and send in some of the flower and hemp oil into testing. This is to ensure we give you the most accurate pricing in the contract.

Contract Review

We will draft up the contract and send it your way to review. Once the contract is signed and returned, you can send in your hemp so we can begin processing.

Order Your Products

With your account on our platform, you will gain access to our wholesale shop where you can place an order with your in-store credit for the products in the concentrations and flavors/scents you want, and we'll get to work!

Flower to Product™ New Partner Form

This form is for new partners looking to partner with us to have us process hemp into finished products through the WisRosin Flower to Product™ program for the first time.

Please submit only your first hemp strain to be processed using this form. Let us know in the Comments section at the end of this form if you have additional strains. Once your account is approved, you will have access to a shorter form to submit for additional batches and strains.

If you are a returning Flower to Product™ partner, please login to use the shorter form.

Contact Information

Hemp Details

Please let us know if you grew or purchased the hemp, if it was greenhouse or outdoor grown, and any additional details about the hemp that may help us give you a more accurate quote.
The price per pound are you looking to get.

Desired Finished Product

This section is so we can understand what type of products you are looking to receive back that will be made directly from your hemp.
Please select which type of branding you prefer on your finished product.

WisRosin Flower to Product™ Program Agreement

This is to ensure you understand the WisRosin Flower to Product™ program. You will be getting a quote for the value of your hemp. If you move forward with that quote, the value of your hemp will be credited to your account once we receive the full amount of hemp to begin processing. You will then have the ability to make your selection of items to purchase with your credit, which will be priced at wholesale prices. In essence, you are trading in your raw hemp for finished full-spectrum hemp oil products made from your hemp that can be sold at retail prices.