Partnership Opportunities

We have a position as the first solventless Wisconsin hemp processor, and one of the few 100% solventless hemp processors in the United States. We took it a step further by creating several unique opportunities to partner with us, no matter what type of business you have in the beauty, health, or hemp industry.
For growers and others with raw hemp.

Double your revenue turning your own raw hemp into full-spectrum hemp oil products.

Our signature partnership opportunity is the Flower to Product™ program* for growers and business with hemp who want to have their own finished, full-spectrum hemp oil products to sell.

We are the only solventless Wisconsin hemp processor offering a full-service program where we use your grown or purchased hemp to make your finished hemp oil products.

We become your contract Wisconsin hemp processor and hemp oil product manufacturer. You get to select the products you want to receive back. Either customize your labels with your own branding, or receive products with our WisRosin branding.

Then, sell your products at markets, craft fairs, online, or any other channel.

  • Double your total revenue.*

  • Build your own brand.

  • FREE Service.**

*This program allows you to at least double the revenue profits compared to selling hemp flower by the pound at retail prices, with most earning multiple times more revenue.

**We make our profits using the remaining byproduct that is not used in making your hemp products.

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For brands, business owners, retail stores, ecommerce websites, health and beauty companies, and service professionals.

Earn 45% or more on your custom branded products with the WisRosin's White Label Program.

Our mission with our white label hemp oil product program is to allow other companies to team up with WisRosin help to promote clean, solventless products in the growing hemp market.

We believe other products that were made with CO2, Butane, ethanol and other harsh chemicals leaves residual solvents in the products sold to consumers. This will eventually be the downfall of many products currently on the market as consumers get educated.

Join the WisRosin white label program to profitably add solventless products to your companies product mix and start taking advantage of increasing your company’s social responsibility by limiting or eliminating products made with harsh solvents that could be impacting your customers long-term health.

  • Earn at least 45% margin*
  • Low minimum purchase quantities
  • No hidden fees
  • Build your own brand
  • Add solventless products to your mix
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For brands, business owners, retail stores, ecommerce websites, health and beauty companies, and service professionals.

Earn 50%+ profit by stocking WisRosin products in your store.

At our core, we are a hemp processor and full spectrum hemp oil product manufacturer. We are busy working to create products that become customer’s go-to, solventless hemp oil products.

All wholesalers begin with a base 50% margin, but with larger order quantities of each product you can take advantage of earning increasingly higher margin up to 60%.

  • 50% margin on all products

  • Up to 60% margin on higher volume orders

  • Low minimum order qty

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For ecommerce websites and bloggers.

Earn 35% or more with the WisRosin dropship program.

WisRosin’s dropship program is ideal for websites looking to sell WisRosin’s 20+ full-spectrum hemp oil products, without holding inventory.

You will earn a competitive 35%+ profit on each item sold and all orders have free shipping.

We make it easy for you to quickly launch our products on your website by providing you with our Product Listing Media Packs for each of our products. These media packs contain the product images and information you will need to create the product listings in your online store.

  • 35%+ profit on all products

  • No minimum orders

  • No hidden fees

  • 20+ current products

  • 70+ products in development

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