WisRosin Supplier Program

Our goal is to partner with farmers and growers who are pushing boundaries and helping to make a change either in the industry and in their community. Whether you are an established grower developing a new strain of hemp, or you have just turned to hemp after struggling to make ends meet with other crops or cattle farming - we want to partner with you to support your efforts and make the change happen.

Chris Kochan
Founder, CEO

Sell Hemp Flower to WisRosin in 3 Easy Steps

Submit Your RFQ

Below is the form to submit your flower request for quote (RFQ) to sell your hemp to us. Begin by completing this form below. Once we receive your RFQ, our team will then reach out to coordinate getting a small sample sent to us for review.

Quote & Purchase Order

After our sample review, we will then provide you a purchasing quote detailing out the price we can offer for your hemp and the quantity we would like to buy. After you review and accept the quote, we will send you a purchase order for the hemp.

Payment in Full

Once you receive your purchase order, you are clear to send in the hemp. We will eagerly await your shipment of hemp and inspect it right away, ensuring you get a prompt payment in the full amount after passing inspection.

Submit Your RFQ to Sell Hemp Flower

WisRosin New Flower Supplier Form

This form is for new partners looking to supply their hemp to WisRosin in return for money.

Please submit one (1) new form for each strain of hemp you would like to sell to WisRosin. If you would rather use a shorter form for additional strains, please submit your first hemp strain using this form. You can then let us know in the Comments section at the end of this form if you have additional strains. Once your account is approved, you will have access to a shorter form to submit for additional strains.

If you are a returning Flower Supplier to WisRosin, please login to use the shorter form.

Contact Information

Hemp Details

Please let us know if you grew or purchased the hemp, if it was greenhouse or outdoor grown, and any additional details about the hemp that may help us give you a more accurate quote.
The price per pound are you looking to receive for your hemp.

WisRosin Flower Supplier Agreement

This is to ensure you understand the WisRosin Flower Supplier program. You will be getting a quote for the value of your hemp. If you move forward with that quote, we will issue a purchase order to you for the hemp. You will then be able to ship in the product. After incoming inspection, if no issues arise, we will issue a payment in full for the lot of hemp.